About us

Royston Playgroup is a pre-school open to all children between the ages of 2½ and 5.

It was founded by teachers of Royston Primary School over 30 years ago and has an excellent reputation for preparing children for school and meeting the local people’s needs.

The group has now grown and children who attend, leave to go to various schools throughout the Borough. We are inspected regularly by Ofsted and accept Government Funding for children that are eligible. We are members of the EYDCP (Early Years Development and Childcare Partnership) and PLA (Pre-school Learning Alliance) which are organisations who ensure all Pre-School settings are run to a high standard in all aspects of child care and education. We are inspected by OfSTED, Health and Safety officials, and have official Fire Safety Checks regularly and fire drills.

A parent Committee runs Royston Playgroup which has a qualified, experienced playleader, qualified childcare practitioners and qualified first aiders. Staff training is ongoing. All staff are committed to a contract that upholds strict confidentiality procedures and ensures equality of opportunities for all children and adults. Please feel free to talk to our playleader if there are any problems, queries or if information is required.

We operate a keyworker system for all children, have specific members of staff who ensure the Code of Practice is adhered to and equal opportunities are continually being monitored.

The Aims of Royston Playgroup

·        To ensure that all children are provided with a safe, happy, and stimulating environment.

·         To encourage children to learn through play and achieve to their full potential.

·         To work within a framework which ensures equality of opportunity for everybody.

·         Establish clear communications, developing a partnership between home, playgroup and any other professionals that can enhance the

          child's learning and understanding.

To reach these aims we....

·         Treat each other as individuals and with respect.

·         Make children feel secure and comfortable with their surroundings

·         Encourage and practice parental involvement.

·         Provide a flexible curriculum of experiences and activities to suit children through play, following the guidance of the DfE's 'Foundation


·         Comply with all governmental guidelines, laws and legislation. Health and Safety.

·         Contact support people when the group, child or family needs additional assistance.